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Kamenica 6

SI-8330 Metlika





+386 41 668 965

+386 41 779 273

+386 41 372 885

Wine growing and winemaking have been the Mavretič family tradition. In the 50's, our cellar in Drašiči was abundant with the white wine from Bela krajina (varieties of Portugieser, Welschriesling, Ranfol and metliška črnina (produced from varieties of žametna črnina and Blue Franconian. In the 80's and 90's, we renewed all vineyards. In our wine cellar in Vidošiči, we house Yellow Muscat, Green Silvaner, Chardonnay, Kerner, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon and Gamay. We produce regular harvest, late harvest, selections, berry selections, dry berry selections and ice wines. Our wines range from dry to dessert wines.

Thanks to winemaker Jože Mavretič, the vineyards are well taken care for and endeavour to ensure healthy grapes is the highest priority. He is a real master in the cellar. His wines earn the highest medals at Slovenian and international competitions, particularly wines from special harvests, while at the same time, he satisfies also his long-time buyers with wines of lower sugar level. He says of himself that wine never ceases to amaze him, teaching him something new every year. When you taste wine with him in the cellar, he will also offer you to tray salami, a product of his own hands.

Marija Mavretič is a caring housewife. Rarely a day passes without the house smelling of her freshly baked bread. Her pogača (type of bread, similar to focaccia) is a real speciality. She enjoys sharing her cooking experiences with her guests again and again.

Lidija Mavretič was the 1st Wine Queen of Slovenia. She leads wine tastings in the cellar, is responsible for marketing and helps with sales. Her favourite times in the cellar are those few in a year, when she tests all samples and discusses the progress of the wine and its development with her father.

Gašper, now 3 years old, is happy to list a few varieties of grapes for the guests. He eagerly helps with the work in the vineyard and is responsible for never-ending fun and laughter.

Marko, Adrijana, Nika and Marko always assist with larger tasks in the vineyard, especially during harvests.