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Kamenica 6

SI-8330 Metlika





+386 41 668 965

+386 41 779 273

+386 41 372 885

Vintage 2008
Superior quality, dessert wine
Variety: Traminer, dry berry selection
Matured in: stainless steel barrel
Volume: 0.5 l
Alcohol content: 10.5 %
Wine serving temperature: 12 °C

Rose, changing into honey tones.
Gold coin, yellow tones.
With its prominent tannins, it appears spicy.

For such superior quality wines, the programme of grape pressing is adapted. The pressing time is at least once longer than airing. Low pressures are required in order to obtain a better yield. Fermentation is very significant because of high sugar, together with little humidity, and acid levels lower than average. Yeast cultures, which ferment under these conditions, do not have a long life span; consequently, special and very high-quality cultures were used.
Competence and experience of the winemaker are of utmost importance. Traminer changes its varietal characteristic of rose into honey tones. Further away we are from the regular harvest, more the rose aroma changes into honey tones. It is a rich wine of superior quality, which requires to be served with a real dessert. It is a good accompaniment to chocolate soufflé, apple pie with cinnamon, or vanilla cream.